The Yoga Room

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The Yoga Room October Schedule

new time for Tuesday/Thursday Yoga at 5:00

100 Fountain Ave at 17th and Broadway

17th and Broadway, across from Artisan Kitchen

Take elevator to 4th Floor.  Rm 419A

 Phone 270 - 243 -1947

email: or facebook 


 9:45 Basic Beginners Yoga - Step by step instruction in small class. 

11:00 Senior Fitness– bands, weights and Yoga. Chair or Mat.

5:00 Pilates Mix - Bands, weights, ball.  

  TUESDAY All Levels Yoga Begins at 5:00

 4:00 Basic Beginners Yoga - Small class and step by step instruction.

 5:00 new time All Levels Yoga _ Detox, tone, stretch, and strengthen.


 9:45 Basic Beginners Yoga - Small class, personal instruction.

11 :00 Senior Fitness– bands, weights, and Yoga for flexibility and strength. 

 5:00 Pilates Mat Basics.   Create long lean muscles and strong abs and backs with Pilates Mat Basics.


4:00 Basic Beginners Yoga  - Small class and step by step instruction.

 5:00 new time All Levels Yoga _ Detox, tone, stretch, and strengthen. 


 9:45 Basic Beginners Yoga - Small class and step by step instruction

 11 :00 Senior Fitness – bands, weights, Yoga for strength and flexibility.

4:30 Pilates Mix - Weights, Balls, Bands

Drop in any time, any class $10.00

Fees for classes taken at any time

6 classes/ $55.00 (good for 6 weeks)

8 classes/ $72.00 (good for 6 weeks) 
unlimited month/ $90 ( good if you come 4 x week or more)

As for fees and classes - We are flexible and understand if you're out of town or sick.  Just let us know and we'll work with you.  There are always exceptions - No stress, no worry - be happy.

150 1/2 Lone Oak Road

See You soon at The Yoga Room!